Natural curve enhancer. Our Internet-sensation,pureganic curve cream is a fast absorbing body cream that helps visibly improve the appearance of your curves,infused with powerful raspberry ketone and a cocktail of fisetin and pseudoalteromonas ferment extract ,this non-greasy formula has an awesome fragrance that naturally brings out your curves. Try it and see what it's all about!
.plumps and smooth's body contours
.improves tightness and firmness
.reduces presence of cellulite and bumps
.enhances silhouette
start seeing fuller,plumper smoother looking hips,thighs and bum around 4-6 weeks with substantial results in 3 months.
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Cellulite and toning cream. Achieve a more toned,smooth appearance on your hips and thighs and say goodbye to bumpy dimpled skin with pureganic's cellulite and toning cream. Like having a spa treatment in a bottle,this cream is formulated with clinically proven pro-suelty and loaded with active ingredients to visibly firm, smooth and streamline the contours of your body to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Start your regimen today and reveal your sexist,most confident self.
.smooths appearance of cellulite
.diminishes bumpy areas
.improves skin elasticity
.minimizes dumples
.combats loose,flabby skin
Start seeing firmer,smoother more toned skin in 30 days and substantial results in 3 months with twice daily use.
Slimming and tightening gel. Pureganic's body shaping workout gel is like nothing else on the market. Formulated with clinically proven slimexir to target fat and help refine your figure this gel not only helps you sweat during workouts,it actively works to firm your silhouette. Use standalone or with your next workout for even better results.
.increase sweat for greater intensity and toxin removal
.warm up faster to help reduce injuries and muscle fatique
.hasten fat burning and enhance the appearance of your body
.odorless so it's great to use in close quarters
Start working out smarter with our thermogenic slimming gel and start seeing results faster Sweat more with your first workout and start seeing body contouring results around 30 days with substantial results in 3 months.
Natural lip plumper and enhancer. Get fuller smoother looking lips without any of the burn or irritation of other plumper's. Formulated with clinically-proven volulip to visibly enhance the size and shape of your lips,feeling minty fresh and kissably full.
.get the look of fuller,healthier lips
.hydrate and nourish with a smooth non-sticky burn-free formula
.keep lips looking soft and plump
.smooth fine lines and lock in moisture
.colorless matte finish works great with your other lip products
Start seeing fuller looking lips around 30 days with twice daily usage.
Perfect lashes eyelash growth serum. Get longer thicker,stronger looking lashes with pureganic perfect lashes triple-action lash growth serum. Formulated with clinically-proven widelash to visibly enhance the length strength and diameter of your lashes,this nighttime serum will nourish ,condition and help protect against breakage making your lashes appear more healthy lush and beautiful.
.use once daily at bedtime as part of your routine
.safe to use with contacts and lash extensions
.ophthalmologist tested and approved
Start seeing longer,thicker looking lashes around 4-6 weeks with substantial results in 3 months
Stretch mark and scar cream. When the body expands faster than our skin can stretch,the skin tears forming a scar as it heals. These scars are visible on the surface of the skin as stretch marks. Keeping your skin elastic and supple with quality moisturizers and clinically proven elastanyl can help prevent stretch marks before they start and hasten the healing of new ones.
.improve skin elasticity
.increase moisture content
.expedite fading of fresh scars
.boost skin suppleness
Safe to use during pregnancy in second trimester and while breast feeding to help prevent stretch marks. Start seeing fading of scars and stretch marks starting in 30 days with substantial results around 3 months of twice daily use.
Vitamin c anti aging serum. Youthful glowing skin is waiting to be unlocked with this triple action formula. Pureganic's vitamin c serum is like a daily multivitamin for your skin,formulated with clinically proven stay-c 50 stable vitamin c to nourish with antioxidants and restore a youthful glow,reduce blemishes,increase firmness even skin tone and smooth wrinkles with this triple-action facial rejuvenating serum.
.smooths appearance of fine lines wrinkles
.diminishes the presence of photo damage,and age spots
.improves skin elasticity,moisture content and radiance.
.brightens and evens overall skin tone and luminosity
.minimizes appearance of pores and blemishes
.combats signs of fatigue and looking tired
This formula stays active on skin for up to 72 hours. Start seeing firmer smoother brighter more youthful skin around 30 days with substantial results in 3 months.
All natural activated charcoal coconut teeth whitening powder. Remove years worth of stains and get whiter, cleaner looking teeth starting with your first brushing. Our formula contains just 3 simple ingredients 100% coconut shell activated charcoal organic mint oil,and bentonite clay to visibly brighten your smile and gently clean your teeth,without the use of fluoride or chemicals. Pureganic's coconut charcoal teeth whitening powder is a safe non-toxic alternative to conventional tooth whitening and bleaching.
.all natural non-toxic chemical free formula
.gentle powder effortlessly removes stains
.get that "slick" after dentist feeling every time you brush
.cleanse,detoxify and absorb toxins
.great for sensitive gums and teeth
A naturally brighter smile from your first use. Best results when used regularly as part of your oral care regimen.
Breast lifting and firming cream. Reshape the contours of your breasts and accentuate your feminine features with pureganic's breast enhancing and shaping cream. Formulated with clinically proven cellactive-form to support the natural process of lipid deposition in the skin, our formula combines traditional ingredients like fenugreek with modern science to accentuate your natural curves and give the look of volume and firmness to your breasts.
.increases firmness
.gives your bust a younger more lifted look
.enhances breast volume
Start seeing a fuller, firmer younger looking bust around 4-6 weeks with substantial results in 3 months.
14 day detox tea. Packed with all-natural detoxifying ingredients made from the finest herbs. Pureganic's 14 day detox tea will have you back on the healthy track and feeling incredible in no time. Our signature blend contains anti-oxidizing and purifying herbs to help you cleanse ,metabolize and energize your body naturally.
.increases energy
.boosts metabolism
.detoxifies the body
.improves digestion
.relieves bloating
.rich in antioxidants
Start feeling great with your first cup of tea. The presence of green tea leaves produces only a small amount of caffeine, so enjoy without the jitters.
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