Highly effective,incredibly fun!
Hooked on phonics uses a proven,fun method to teach critical reading skills. Developed by leading educators,each session takes just 20 minutes or less.
Learn by watching 100+ award winning videos. Experts in education and entertainment have combined forces to create a multi media learning experience that gets kids excited about reading.
Practice by playing 275+ interactive games. Learn important phonics skills by popping balloons,building with bulldozers,growing flowers,launching rocket ships and so much more.
Read engaging stories. More than 100 fully illustrated stories give kids the chance to practice and proudly display their achievements through real life reading.
Here's what you'll get monthly
.Unlimited access to the award-winning learn to read app
.Easy to follow workbook to supplement reading instruction
.2-3 storybooks specifically written to reinforce the lessons learned
.Discussion questions with each book designed to strengthen reading comprehension
.Celebration stickers to track and reward progress
.Tips and ideas for how to extend reading practice at home and on the go
Sync across all your devices
The hooked on phonics app will synchronize automatically across up to three devices and can be used anywhere without an Internet connection.
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More features
At every step of the hooked on phonics program you can track your child's progress. Kids can clearly see how far they have come on their reading journey and feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments.
Rewards system. The more your child does their hooked on phonics lessons,the more achievements your child earns. Also, the better reader your child will become. It's a win-win for everyone.
Multiple users. Get the most from your subscription by using the hooked on phonics app to teach all of your children to read. Their progress and rewards will be tracked individually.
Why hooked on phonics?
IT REALLY WORKS . More than 5 million parents and teachers have used the program. Developed by education experts,hooked on phonics is the gold standard in teaching kids to read.

IT BUILDS SELF-ESTEEM. Helping kids become strong readers can boost their confidence in school and at home. Hooked on phonics is truly an investment in a child's future.

KIDS LOVE IT! Parents tell us all the time that their kids don't want to stop "playing" hooked on phonics. Children see the fun. Parents see the learning. With music ,games,lessons,and stories. Hooked on phonics learn to read is the simplest most effective and most fun way to learn to read

.award winning digital reading program
.register up to 3 children
.accessible from any phone,tablet or computer

.lesson progress is fully synchronized across all devices.
Get your first month of Hooked on Phonics for just $1
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