We are a #1 rated supplier for water filters. Our water filters have been installed in over 1,000,000+ homes and businesses. We deliver cost-effective reliable systems and services to residential,commercial, and industrial markets.
Imagine having filtered water at every faucet in your home. Our smart series of whole house water filters provide filtered water to all areas of your home and reduce and remove harmful contaminants using our house blend known as smart multimedia. These customizable systems come with pre and post filters. The smart media includes two types of coconut shell granulated activated carbons infused with our eagle redox alloys. It also contains an ion exchange resin to reduce contaminants such as heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chlorine, chloramines, inorganic products such as herbicides, pesticides, and petroleum pharmaceutical by products. Our whole house water filters also achieve a balanced ph level. Whole house water filtration create a multitude of rewards such as cooking,showering, bathing, in water free of contaminants. Enjoy softer skin and smoother hair. Increases the lifespan of clothes,appliances and water heaters.
.Great tasting healthier water for drinking and cooking.
.Crystal clear ice cubes
.Flavorful coffee,tea, mixes and meals
.Ideal for baby formula,pasta, and soups
.Great for pet and plant water and aquariums
.Unlimited pure water supply to your kitchen and bath
.It is well known that people should drink eight glasses of water a day to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our water filters provide delicious refreshing and safe top quality drinking water.
Why people choose us!
For over 30 years we have learned what matters most to our customers. We offer a wide range of products to be sure that we can accomodate nearly any specific water problem or preference and take pride in our customers service. We want to help people and families pick the perfect water filter system.
Why businesses choose our water filters!
We have served businesses in almost every industry. For over 30 years companies have come to us with their unique and challenging problems related to water filtration. During this time we have learned to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.
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Bottleless water coolers!
7 reasons to go bottleless
.NO INTERRUPTION IN WATER FLOW. With jug systems ,guessing how much you will drink is an unnecessary worry. Take the guess work out of ordering new jugs and remove the annoyance of delivery schedules,excess paperwork and costs by using our in-line systems. This also eliminates the need for bottled water in the workplace,helping to contribute to a cleaner environment!
.NO CONTAMINANTS. While the water in your 5 gallon bottle may have been pure when it left the bottling plant,it is an open system that has been exposed to a variety of airborne contaminants.
.NO HEAVY LIFTING. Every time a jug of water runs out,someone is left to carry the 42 lb bottle to refill the cooler. By going bottle-less you will protect family and employees from heavy lifting that could cause back or neck pain,while also reducing the risk for workers compensation claims.
.NO STORING. Delivery trucks can interrupt workflow,compromise security and leave you with the added work of neatly storing very odd-shaped,bulky plastic jugs. Water should be there to help you in doing your job,not to be your job. Think of all of the things you could do with the space you are wasting! Also,chemicals may migrate from plastic during storage.
.EXTRA COSTS AND PAPERWORK. By the time you add the cost of paperwork,bottle deposits,storage and labour, that water is a lot more expensive than you might have thought! Our one time billing allows you to manage your drinking water down to the penny with less administrative costs.
.THE SAVINGS. An office of employees can average 18-22 bottles per month. This adds up to over $100.00 per month plus cooler expenses! Cut company costs and grocery bills for your family.
.EXCESS PLASTIC WASTE. It is estimated that we use about 2.5 million bottles an hour. Unfortunately,it is also estimated that we only recycle 1-2% of it. Our coolers provide a better alternative to the dead-end road of the continuous cycle of buying plastic water bottles,which unfortunately end up littered in our oceans and all around the world.
Our bottleless water coolers are perfect for offices, schools and homes. Our cooler's provide clean water through our inline systems. Eliminate the need for bulky water jugs and excess plastic waste!
what is UF? in the UF process, a fine membrane (.02 micron) partially addresses micro-organisms without wastewater to lower the total suspended solids. if you don't have the additional ro membrane system,some tss will be left behind. to eliminate a majority of tss a reverse osmosis membrane is suggested. ultrafiltration acts as the pre-treatment for the next stage of the even finer ro treatment. ro is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove larger particles and an array of contaminants. similar to UF although ro uses a different membrane. when water goes through the ro membrane,leftover water hardness and contaminants that are too big to go through the UF and ro membrane will wash out through your drain line. (in the back of the water cooler,the system will connect to your kitchen drain for the waste water) the initial UF membrane is to help reduce the amount of total suspended solids before the ro treatment so less strain is put on the ro membrane.
hybrid ultrafiltration reverse osmosis bottleless water cooler
hybrid ultrafiltration bottleless water cooler
sharp ultrafiltration reverse osmosis bottleless water cooler
sharp ultrafiltration bottleless water cooler
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