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South Coast Enterprises.
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ATTN CHOCOLATE LOVERS! Chocolate is the 8th wonder of the world. We should never compromise with chocolate. We have a passionate reverence for beauty and purity. It's embodied in everything we create and do.
Keep an eye on your home or business when you are not there. We have a collection of products with hidden cameras that are so discreet no one would suspect they are there
South Coast Enterprises is a value driven company with a mission to provide a diversified line up of products and services to meet the needs of Canadians for quality pricing and availability. With the Canadian market constantly changing we come to work every day striving to develop create and provide more reliable cost-effective products and services. We are constantly refining and adding new products and services to our line-up creating the opportunity for more Canadians to use our products and services. We want to be a company that Canadians can trust.
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Water filtration systems!
Never buy bottled water again
We are a #1 rated supplier of water filtration systems. Our water filters have been installed in over 1,000,000 homes and businesses. We deliver cost-effective reliable systems and services for residential, commercial, and industrial markets. For over 30 years we have learned what matters most to our customers. We offer a wide range of products to be sure that we can accommodate nearly any specific water problem or preference and take pride in our customer service. We want to help people and families pick the perfect water filtration system. Imagine having a water filter that will provide you with filtered water through-out your entire home or business. All of our technicians have years of experience including our owner who has over 40 years of experience in the water filtration and plumbing industry.
whole house water filters. now you can have filtered water through-out your entire home or business
countertop water filters
undersink water filters
bottleless water coolers. you can have an endless supply of filtered water.
commercial and industrial water filters. Filtration systems for many different applications
.food and drink production
.restaurants and bars
.resorts, country clubs,car washes
.high rises,condos,apartments
.mining , gas and oil
.pipelines, refineries
.paper mills, power plants, manufacturing
.farming, irrigation, agriculture
.hospitals, labs, general practice
.schools and universities
.water treatment ,sanitation
specialty water filters to help you solve just about any water issues.
.acid neutralizing system
.alkaline water filters
.arsenic removal
.ceramic water filters
.fluoride removal
.iron and manganese
.lead removal
.nitrate removal
.tannin removal
.turbidity removal
.desalination systems
Bright attractive durable and easy to clean floor coatings.
Imagine having a garage floor coating system that will transform your cracked dreary dull concrete floor into a stunning seamless masterpiece that will outshine other comparable systems for years. Choose from over 140 different colors.
.hot tire resistant
.chemical resistant
.tough and durable
.elegant and easy to clean
.use indoor or outdoor
.compliments any decor
.high mve resistant
.non yellowing
If you are a business owner the same floor coating system that is used for residential garage floors can be used for commercial/industrial applications. If you have a concrete floor that requires high strength gloss abrasion and chemical resistance,the ultra low odor of the system and its solvent free nature allow it to be applied without disabling surrounding operations during application and cure time.
choose between imitation granite or a solid color
lighting products
best of vegas
mens cycling clothing
womens cycling clothing
acer computers
business app maker
art to frames
cheap air flights
fine jewelry
all natural skincare
gun safes
world of chocolate
hidden cameras
online florist shop
garage flooring
water filtration system
plumbing products
hit counter
Quality lighting fixtures
.ceiling lighting
.wall lighting
.outdoor lighting
.under cabinet lighting
.ceiling fans
.table lamps and floor lamps
.decorative mirrors
.wall art and decor
.table accents and home accents
.decorative home furniture and accessories
Best of Las Vegas
See the most talented and famous performers,singers and productions. During your stay take a tour to places such as the Grand Canyon,and the hoover dam. Take a lake mead cruise,or a wild west horseback ride and sunset BBQ. Take a night tour over Vegas via helicopter. Visit some of the many attractions,such as coaster like rides,artifact exhibits,animal encounters,stratosphere tower. See marvels avengers station, machine gun Vegas,mob attraction,gondola rides and of course stay at some of the best hotels in the country. And don't forget about the world famous casinos.
Men's cycling clothing
Many colors,sizes and styles to choose from,summer,winter,fall and spring. The most popular brand names available.
Women's cycling clothing
Many colors,sizes and styles to choose from,summer,winter,fall and spring. The most popular brand names available.
Online florist shop
Flowers are a thoughtful gesture for almost every occasion. Always appreciated, proudly displayed they lift spirits,warm hearts and brighten any room. Order flowers online and send them anywhere in the world!
Acer computers
We make products for the many not the few. Our drive doesn't come from publicity or awards,but from seeing real people use our products to navigate and create their world.
An app maker to make an app without coding!
Create professional and powerful mobile app's in 3 easy steps. Anyone can build an app and make money.
Art to frames
Purchase custom picture frames and home decor online
.collage frames
.picture frames
.custom framing
.acrylic prints
.canvas prints
.bulletin boards
.window film
.lamp shades
.business services.
Cheap air flights!
We make it easy to buy affordable airline tickets.
.mix & match fares
.price drop payback
Purchase fine jewelry online!
Our jewelry has been perfected over the last 30 years,and now leaps the industry, with the biggest warranty and service program,ensuring superior quality. Each piece is individually handcrafted with careful attention to detail and style. We only use top grade metals and cerified diamonds.
All natural skincare
Best evidence-based natural skincare line based on the 5,000 year old science of ayurveda.
Online business opportunity
We can help you find products for your online business. You want to start an online e-commerce site that sells products and services to consumers and businesses but the biggest problem is finding products and services to promote. That's where we can help.
Secure it firearm storage
Quality gun storage safes and cabinets
 The true gun safe is made like a gun safe should be made-with cement composite filled double steel walls to truly protect against thieves and fire.
Hidden cameras
View this great product
Purchase plumbing products online
purchase plumbing products online,including installation costs