Ting fire safety

Fire safety simplified

Ting helps prevent electrical fires before they happen to keep your family safe.
Our story. We speak the language of electricity. We are whisker labs a Maryland technology company whose specialty is uncovering what we ordinarily can't see-using data and sensor science-to enhance safety,comfort, and convenience. Among a myriad of other hard-to-pronounce disciplines.Our DNA originates from deploying the world's most sophisticated lightning detection network and making connected thermostats smarter.
Our mission is to eradicate electrical fires. Our founders family experienced a horrible house fire from an electrical fault that destroyed the home and killed a cherished pet. He teamed up with a leading lightning scientist to solve this problem "incredibly simple" and "super smart" were the primary design directives. Whether your home is old or new don't let your home's electrical system remain a mystery get greater visibility and early fault detection with ting.
 The problem: Electrical fires are the most dangerous type of residential fire. The US has the most modern electrical safety codes of any country yet electrical faults that lead to fire are all too common. Nearly 50,000 residential fires each year are caused by an electrical malfunction resulting in more deaths,injuries and damage than any other type of fire in the home. Why? These fires are often silent and hidden originating from arc faults,wiring,or connected devices. Regardless of your home's age or type, these precursors to electrical fires can develop silently with little warning. Ting was developed to identify these early warning signals before they have a chance to develop into a major fire.
The life of a hidden electrical arc fault,age,prior damage and material degradation lead to minuscule arcing or scintillations. Scintillations are the tiniest of electrical arcing activity generating faint but unique signals that travel very quickly throughout the wiring in your home. The hazards that cause them can originate from hidden wiring,connections,switches,lights,ceiling fans,appliances-basically any device connected to your home's electrical system.
Ting sees these tiny scintillations and distinguishes from good arcing. Ting operates all day,every day to keep you protected assessing your home's electrical system 30 million times per second. Ting clearly sees the random often times faint signals ,time of day frequency signal-to-noise weather and variations in intensity are some of the variables that factor into Ting's detection science. Without Ting an arcing process continues and grows unchecked once arcing starts it almost always continues and gets worse over time. Many external factors can affect how long it takes for tiny early faults to grow. Vibration temperature use of a device or other load on a circuit,age of electrical infrastructure prior home issues such as flooding or lightning strikes. If not already started an arc flash is sure to ignite materials around it and lead to a fire, if you happen to have an afci protection in your hone and this fault occurs on an afci protected circuit the afci breaker would trip at the point of this flash arc and cut off electricity to the circuit. But why not address the issue earlier?
HOW IT WORKS: We love you electricity. But no more secrets,it's time we know what you're up to. Knowing is way better than not knowing. Imagine if you could see more and know earlier about hidden electrical issues in you hone. Now you can. Ting is proactive,preventive, and simple. Ting pinpoints and identifies the unique signals generated by tiny electrical arcs the precursors to imminent fire risks. These signals are incredibly small but are clearly visible thanks to Tings advanced detection technology.
Ting DIY smart sensor
The simplest and arguably the smartest sensor for home safety
Continuous hazard detection
Ting is a fitness tracker for your electrical system and never rests
$1,000 credit for remediation
Ting detects the fire hazard and covers the repair by electrician
App features to keep you informed
Always vigilant it is like having an electrician in your home 24/7
Power quality & HVAC health
While looking for electrical fire hazards,Ting informs and engages.
Free lifetime sensor replacement
We'll ship you a new sensor should it ever fail to operate
Our promise to you
We're confident you'll enjoy increased peace of mind with Ting. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason we will gladly issue a full refund within 30 days of service activation
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