Agile ultralight gun safes. Traditional gun safes do not stop thieves or fires. They are just metal and drywall. One can cut though a safe in minutes with a $10.00 saw and if you have a significant fire,your guns are toast.That's why we built the agile model. It does what a gun safe does without being horribly heavy or hard to move. Plus you get cradlegrid technology. Firearm storage has not changed in half a century until now!
Thanks to knockdown technology agile ultralight gun safes ship and store flat. Assembly is extremely easy and can be done in minutes by a single person with just one wrench. All assembly is internal so it's inaccessible when locked.
Unlike traditional gun safes which are heavy and hard to move,an agile ultralight gun safe can readily be moved wherever and whenever you wish
The true gun safe is made like a gun safe should be made-with cement composite filled double steel walls to truly protect against thieves and fire. We've brought back the proven steel-concrete-steel design from before profiteers ruined gun safes. A true safe is far more likely to stop would-be thieves from cutting open your safe and it will give your guns a fighting chance to survive a fire.
Safe construction
.double wall cement composite filled steel
.safe walls,floor and top are 2.5" cement filled
.safe door 4" cement filled
.angle-iron reinforced body
Lock features
.ul-listed group 1 emp-proof lock
.s & g model 6120 motordriven lock
.single master code
.6 digit codes
.lockout made after four incorrect code entries
Safe features
.five active locking bolts 3 way configuration
.hardened steel bolts
.three plated fixed deadbolts extend into safe wall
.no entry if hinges are removed
.hard plate between lock bolt and door plate to deter drilling
.independent relocking devices to stop drill attacks,forced entry
Inside the safe
.louvered back panel grid
.eight (8) cradles with removable bungees
.four (4) stock bases (two guns per base)
.storage shelf
Store your gun collection in the same gun cabinets as the military and law enforcement installations. These proprietary heavy-duty cabinets are available in a variety of configurations and feature cradle grid technology.
Organization goes beyond firearms. A key element to the intelligence of the secure it firearms storage concept is the modularity afforded by the cradle grid system not only does it allow for quick adaptability to accommodate firearm storage but it also allows for the storage of a plethora of related gear. The grid will accept a multitude of accessories designed to keep your firearm world completely organized for fast access and visual clarity.
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